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With Carrot you have Expressiveness

Carrot gives you systematic expressiveness in the form of diversity, modularity, and individuality. Technically the expressiveness relies on controlled monadic growth. Global variables, file descriptors or object oriented methods and attributes are the most common monads in mainstream computer programs. But they're considered wild. Carrot provides a systematic approach to control their cultivation through providers. It leads to an extended understanding of Object Orientation, among other things. The practical value are innovative applications like the Mica Environment.

Right now only an implementation in Perl 5 is available. Actually Carrot uses a subset of Perl 5. Code and documentation are plain English and should be straighforward to read.

Continue with Carrot for Perl...

Monitor AC and battery state on the Pcduino v3(B)

The Pcduino has a lipo battery interface. But there is a small issue. The current Pcduino over-discharges the battery, potentially damaging it. I found that out will a small shell script I wrote for a friend. He was wondering whether a lipo battery could save a USV for a Pcduino. The script can display, record and evaluate the power related data in the AXP209 chip. And most importantly, the script can shut down the system properly before the chip disrupts the power.

What a contrast to Carrot. Something very practical. So I though I should publish it in the download section.

Information about outdated stuff

Content of this site was between 10 and 20 years old. I felt it was no longer relevant. Most files have been removed from this website recently. Some deep links continue to work, but I'm no longer promoting the material.